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Rocky Hill - Houston Blues Throw Down is here!!!

Rocky Hill - Houston Blues Throw Down is here!!!

It's here!  Houston Blues Throwdown featuring Rocky Hill with Doyle Bramhall and Dobie Malone.

You've never heard of Rocky Hill?  Have you heard of ZZ Top's Dusty Hill or Stevie Ray Vaughan?  Well - Rocky was Dusty's older brother and Stevie Ray's mentor.  Are you getting the picture yet?  Rocky's guitar style was in their same realm, although his tone was his alone.

Rocky Hill   Rocky Hill  Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill was an amazing blues guitarist and vocalist - he made his guitar sing or maybe it was more of a moan from his physical, sometimes violent style of playing.  He was highly revered for his raw talent with the electric guitar and should have been a household name like his brother, Dusty and his mentee, Stevie Ray.  Unfortunately, his lifestyle and temperament equaled or surpassed his unbridled playing style.  He proved to be as manageable as the Texas weather and never achieved the general notoriety his amazing talent deserved.

                Doyle Bramhall with Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin, TX            Doyle Bramhall

Doyle Bramhall (1949-2011), drummer and vocalist, had his own following and made significant contributions to Stevie Ray Vaughan's career - playing with and writing songs for him.  He like Rocky really never got the acclaim he was due.


Bassist Dobie Malone first hit the scene in the late 60's with  Archie Bell & The Drells performing on the chart-topper, "Tighten Up".  Since then he has enjoyed a steady career backing many different artists in a wide-span of musical styles.

When you sit back and listen to how locked-in Rocky, Doyle and Dobie play together on "Houston Blues Throwdown", you'd think they played together for years.  It's even more difficult to imagine this album was the result of just two nights of recording in Houston, Texas.

Record Town is thrilled to help keep Rocky's music alive and tell his story.  We are proud to offer two versions of "Houston Blues Throwdown", plus "Lone Star Legend" - all available for sale on our website.

Are you into Texas Blues Guitarists?  Then you have to add Rocky Hill to your collection!


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