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A 5th Beatle?

A 5th Beatle?

Everyone knows who The Beatles are: Paul, John, George and Ringo.  That's 4 not 5.  We also know them as "The Fab Four" not "The Fab Five".  So what's the deal about this "5th Beatle"?

Billy Preston, a Houston native, child prodigy keyboardist; is arguably the "5th Beatle".  He happened by the studio to "hang out" during the tense and rather unproductive initial days of recording Let It Be and provided not only a creative spark, but also renewed energy to the drained Fab Four.  He was just what they needed, just when they needed it - to end their legendary run with a total masterpiece.  The contributions of Billy Preston added the magic they needed.  Let It Be would not be what we know today without him.


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