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Historic Fort Worth Record Store Sign From the 1950's Refurbished and Put Atop the Store's New Location

FORT WORTH - The iconic and historic record town neon sign from the 1950’s has been repaired and put back atop it’s new location in Fort Worth’s Southside Neighborhood. Record Town is one of the nation’s oldest music shops, opening across form TCU in 1957. Co-Owner Tom Reynolds says he’s excited to have this historic charm fixed and displayed just the way it used to be many years ago. “People that would congratulate us on buying Record Town and keeping that history alive would immediately ask us about the sign because it’s such an iconic piece of the business,” said Reynolds.

Reynold’s said the whole repair process took over a year and they needed to get approval from the city before they could place it above their store. He said the sign is around 900 pounds. “It’s a mid-century modern neon sign and you don’t see many of them in this condition…it’s the same sign just touched up and so the light actually works,” Reynolds said. “It almost has a life of its own. It’s such an iconic sign to so many people, it’s really great to have it back at the new shop,” he said. It still serves as a gathering spot for music lovers across Dallas-Fort Worth.

He hopes having this historic charm will bring even more visitors to Record Town and other businesses in the Fort Worth Southside Neighborhood.

Many of Dallas-Fort Worth’s most famous musicians came up purchasing albums at Record Town, including Leon Bridges, Delbert McClinton, and Jimmie Vaughan.