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Best Record Store - Fort Worth Magazine 2022 - Editor Pick

Best Record Store - Fort Worth Magazine 2022 - Editor Pick

If you happened to miss the June 2022 "Best Of" issue of Fort Worth Magazine, then you missed the fantastic write up by Brian Kendall, Executive Editor.  We are very thankful to Brian and Fort Worth Magazine for naming us "Best Record Store - Editor's Pick" this year.  We are also very honored by his words in the incredible article he wrote about Record Town.  Here is his article - take a look for yourself!

Best Record Store - Fort Worth Magazine 2022 - Editor Pick

By Brian Kendall, Executive Editor

A cultural institution is defined as an organization (or business) within a culture or subculture that works for the preservation of culture.  While the technical definition targets public and charitable organizations, those that qualify can be pretty broad. Given the definition, it’s no stretch to claim Record Town is a cultural institution.  Record Town, initially owned by the Bruton family, first opened its doors on University Drive in February1957. It remained there for 61 years and garnered a legion of devoted customers that included the likes of T Bone Burnett and Leon Bridges – two of Fort Worth’s most iconic members of the music industry. In fact, a young Burnett first heard the songs he would use on the soundtrack for “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” at the small vinyl shop.  A family-owned and operated establishment, those who frequented the record shop during its days on University Drive will recall Sumter III – the oldest son and heir apparent of the Bruton family. 

According to Record Town’s current owner and longtime customer, Bill Mecke, Sumter would curate record selections for frequent customers. Mecke recalls Sumter would have multiple records of must-haves and peculiarities that he surmised Mecke would like based on his buying habits. “He'd say, ‘You don’t have to buy all this stuff; I just know what you like; and I found this for you, ’”Mecke says. “But I’d always end up buying the whole stack."

In 2018, with the shop looking worse for the wear and rent prices forcing a move, Mecke purchased Record Town with Tom Reynolds and moved the brick-and-mortar to the Near Southside. “We actually feel like, for the future of Record Town, we’re in a better location,” Mecke says. “We think the Near Southside and South Main area has a better feel to it; it’s got a great casual, communal feel to it. ”While the digs are new, Mecke wanted to make sure Record Town kept their staff with a near-legendary encyclopedic knowledge of music, new and old. Record Town currently employs two longtime music fans of near legendary status: Gerard Daily, who’s been with Record Town since 1974, and Michael (Cadillac) Johnson – so named by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons who once called Johnson the Cadillac of bass players. The name stuck.

Actual Article From June 2022 Fort Worth Magazine

Copy of article from June 2022 issue of Fort Worth Magazine by Brian Kendall – Executive Editor.  Best Record Store Editor
Fort Worth Magazine June 2022​​
Ad from June 2022 Fort Worth Magazine "Best Of" issue.
Record Town ad in June 2022 "Best Of" ​​issue of Fort Worth Magazine