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The Walls at Record Town - A Formal Picture for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Mom

The Walls at Record Town - A Formal Picture for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Mom

Record Town proudly displays Two special pictures of Stevie Ray Vaughan

We honor - Dallas native, Austin Texas blues icon Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the most beloved and incredible guitar slingers the world has ever known - with multiple pictures on the Record Town Walls of Fame.  He was not only considered by most to be the best guitar player there ever was, but he was genuinely nice person.  He worked hard and came up the ranks to mega-stardom, fought back from addiction and then was taken away from us all too soon in a helicopter crash August 27, 1990.  He was 35.

With all the many pictures on the walls at Record Town, you might just miss these two.  But they are a special gift given to us by a friend of the store, Pat Savage after Stevie Ray's tragic death.

The Story Behind Pictures of Stevie Ray Vaughan

It All Started At Fitzgerald's in Houston


Fitzgerald's in Houston, Texas circa 2015.

Pat Savage moved to Houston from Wisconsin for economic reasons and wound up working for Fitzgerald's nightclub, running sound and lights and helping bands move equipment in and out for shows.  Stevie Ray with Double Trouble performed there many times.  Stevie Ray and Pat met, became good friends and kept in contact with each other over the years.

Concert poster Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble at Fitzgerald​​

Fitzgerald's concert poster featuring Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.

The Gift of Two Pictures of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Reese Wynans, Chris Layton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Tommy Shannon (Chris Layton - drummer and Tommy Shannon - bass for Double Trouble)
Pat Savage​​

Reese Wynans, Chris Layton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Tommy Shannon. First of two photos gifted to Record Town by Pat Savage.

The picture Stevie sat for so he could give his mom a "formal" picture.  Taken Aug. 27, 1989
Pat Savage​​

Stevie Ray Vaughan in his "formal" picture for his mother. The second of two photos gifted to Record Town by Pat Savage.

After working at Fitzgerald's, Pat and his wife worked at a job where they traveled various places and did portraits and pictures for corporate and professional use.  Another photographer from their company snapped some pictures of Stevie and told Pat about it knowing they were friends.  Stevie requested the photos to be taken so he could have a formal picture of himself to give his mother. 

Pat recalled the session after Stevie Ray died and contacted the other photographer who found the photos for him.  Ironically, the photo session occurred on August 27th, 1989, exactly one year before Stevie Ray's tragic and untimely death.

Pat gave Record Town a set of pictures from that session. He said there was a documentary on Stevie Ray’s mother filmed in her home where one of these pictures is hanging on the wall in the background.

We have both of these hanging on the wall at Record Town as well as numerous other honoring Stevie Ray and many, many other Texas musicians.  While these two pictures in particular may appear to be your average 8x10 in a modest black frame - we think they are really very special indeed.

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