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Santiago Jimenez Jr. "Music Is My Life!"

Santiago Jimenez Jr.

Santiago Jimenez Jr. Puro Conjunto - Musica De Tejas

By Bill Mecke

August 3, 2023

We are so happy to have Santiago Jimenez Jr. as a new friend of Record Town.  Growing up in San Antonio, the happy sound of the accordion was always in the air.  So becoming friends with a living Conjunto legend like Santiago Jimenez Jr. is a real treat.

One of Record Town’s best and long-standing friends is Joe Nick Patoski, the premier writer on Texas Music. Joe Nick provided the introduction for a book by John Dyer called “Conjunto” that is filled with incredible photos and stories of musicians that play conjunto music. Conjunto music is the true Music of Texas, “La Música de Tejas”. Joe Nick made a great statement in his introduction – “Conjunto is Life”.

Santiago jimenez Jr. playing his accordion
Picture courtesy of Sarah Mecke.

A close view of Santiago Jimenez Jr's strong hands playing the accordion.

Conjunto music was born in south Texas in the late 19 th century, when German settlers introduced the button accordion. The Germans, Polish, and Czechs brought the songs of their homeland such as waltzes, polkas, and schottisches to the region. This music was adapted by the Mexican settlers and combined with the bajo sexto, a 12-string guitar to create music that is very unique to Texas. A modern conjunto band includes accordion, bajo sexto, bass, and drums.

For Santiago Jimenez, Jr., conjunto is life. His father, Don Santiago Jimenez was an early pioneer of conjunto music, who started recording in 1929. Santiago Jr was born in 1944 and learned to play the accordion by the age of 12. He recorded his first album with his brother Flaco at age 17, the beginning of a very long recording and performing career. Santiago Jr has recorded over 700 songs and released at least 60 albums. He has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards and received a National Heritage Award from the President of the United States.  In a recent visit with us Santiago exclaimed “Music is my Life!” multiple times - he wasn't kidding.

Here's a sample of Santiago's music - happy and lively! Viva Sequin

Santiago Jimenez Jr. playing accordion at Del Norte Taco June 2023
Picture courtesy of Sarah Mecke

Conjunto music is called “Música Alegre”, or “happy music”. It is dance music to be enjoyed by young and old. Record Town is proud to call Santiago Jimenez, Jr. our friend and we are excited to partner with Chris Garcia and Del Norte Tacos to present an afternoon of great music, amazing food, and good company.

Puro Conjunto. Pure Texas Music. Conjunto es Vida.

Santiago Jimenez Jr. to perform at Del Norte Taco August 27, 2023

Don't miss Santiago Jimenez Jr. along with a full Mexican food brunch at Del Norte Tacos Sunday, August 27th!

A few fun pictures of Santiago Jimenez Jr - June 2023

Bill Mecke and Santiago Jimenez Jr. at Record Town June 2023
Cadillac Johnson, Santiago Jimenez Jr. and Bill Mecke at Record Town June 2023
Santiago Jimenez Jr. at Record Town June 2023
Santiago Jimenez Jr. at Record Town June 2023

Santiago clowning around with Cadillac Johnson and Bill Mecke at Record Town

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