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Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country - Honky-Tonk Meets Hippy Country Meets Kraftwerk Meets Conjunto

Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country - Honky-Tonk Meets Hippy Country Meets Kraftwerk Meets Conjunto

Garrett T. Capps And NASA Country Are Something Cool And Unique

San Antonio native, singer, songwriter, bar owner - Garrett T. Capps is many things, but mundane and boring he is certainly not.  Just one glance and you can see he is something different - cowboy hat, huge round sunglasses, cosmic cowboy shirt - not anything you'd expect.  This time you can judge the book by it's cover - Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country are not what you'd expect.  If you like the standard "Bro Country" you hear on the radio then these guys might not be for you.  But if you enjoy fresh new sounds born right here in Texas, then you've got to give 'em a listen.

According to his website he "is a Bad mofo. He makes cowboy kraut with his band NASA Country  & also lots of Tex-Mex rock n' roll. He is San Antonio’s resident cosmic country gonzo honky tonk weirdo freak. He is a national treasure in Holland. He can usually be found at The Lonesome Rose, the bar he owns in the city he was born in. foo."

Foo is Garrett's own term of endearment - as a point of clarification.  That should give you a little more insight into Garrett T. Capps.

Garrett T. Capps at Lonesome Rose in San Antonio

Garrett T. Capps is something different. Photo taken at his bar The Lonesome Rose in San Antonio.

Being born and raised in San Antonio, Garrett is very entrenched in the rich and diverse San Antonio arts culture.  He is a disciple of Doug Sahm and the way he blurred the lines forming "hippy country" back in the day.  He grew up with the rich conjunto music so prominent in the area.  You can especially hear these influences in his earlier releases. His "I love San Antone" album gets the point across loud and clear that he is proud of his roots and fully embraces all that is San Antonio - music, food, arts and culture.

Billions on Showtime picked up on his unique sound using the track Born in San Antone on their 2018 show soundtrack, getting over half a million Spotify plays because of it.

Garrett T. Capps and Santiago Jimemez Jr.

Garrett T. Capps with Conjunto Legend Santiago Jimenez Jr.

Now combine all that San Antonio "spanglish", twangy "hippy-tonk" with space-age, cosmic electronic sounds heavily influenced by Kraftwerk and Brian Eno and you are beginning to get the full picture of Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country.

This is from Spaceflight Records:

San Antonio psychonauts Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country are moving in slow motion through low orbit, gettin’ ready to tractor-beam their latest album down to earth.

People Are Beautiful, the follow-up to 2021’s I Love San Antone, was written in the early days of the pandemic, when the light at the end of the tunnel was very dim indeed, and recorded in December 2020 at legendary border-town studio Sonic Ranch during peak uncertain times. And well, it’s only gotten weirder every day since then really, but NASA Country’s here to spread cosmic posivibes, even if every sprint around the sun lands us in stranger territory…

From the jump People Are Beautiful sounds like dialing in to an alien wavelength, trans-dimensional frequency hiss being a major part of the album’s total feel. 

Rolling Stone Magazine picked up on the group's must hear sound in their latest album People Are Beautiful,¬†featuring them in a great article on November 30, 2022 Meet the Texas Weirdo Mixing Kraftwerk with Doug Sahm to Create ‚ÄėKraut-Country‚Äô.

SavingCountryMusic.Com reviewed Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country December 2, 2022 Review ‚Äď Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country ‚Äď ‚ÄúPeople Are Beautiful‚ÄĚ where they applaud Garrett and the group for their unique sound on People are Beautiful.

With all this, many folks here still don't know about Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country.  The local music scene in North Texas is crazy competitive with so much talent out there it is impossible to catch all the up and comers. That's why we wanted to highlight these guys - you don't want to miss them.  They will be performing at Tulips on February 4th, 2023 and will be coming by Record Town for an in-store appearance before the show.  

We are super excited to have them in town and really hope you will check them out.  We are sure Garrett and NASA Country will be thrilled to meet any of you "Foos"!

Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country at Tulips February 4, 2023

Garrett T. Capps Available At Record Town

Garrett T. Capps and NASA Country at Tulips February 4, 2023