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Cover of the book The Ballad of Robert Ealey and his Five Careless Lovers ; an oral history as told by Freddie Cisneros, Sumter Bruton, Mike Buck, and Jackie Newhouse; author Joe Nick Patoski

The Ballad of Robert Ealey and His Five Careless Lovers: An Oral History

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by Joe Nick Patoski

Joe Nick is a Fort Worth native, and a well recognized authority on Texas music.  This is an incredible journey down memory lane for many and a glimpse into a rare time and place for others. 

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From the author:

This is the story of the band who wised me up to what music is really all about – Robert Ealey and His Five Careless Lovers of Fort Worth, Texas.

This 50 page oral history began in January 2020 with a long conversation with Sumter Bruton III and continued with interviews with Mike Buck, Jackie Newhouse and Freddie Cisneros. Their origin stories together answered many questions I’ve had for almost a half century. That which wasn’t answered retreated behind the veil of mojo and mystery, as tends to happen when you’re dealing with honest blues.

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