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Shirley And Lee : Shirley And Lee's Golden Decade (2xCD, Comp, Mono)

Shirley And Lee - Shirley And Lee's Golden Decade - CD

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Format: 2xCD, Comp, Mono

Media Condition:  Near Mint (NM or M-)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)

Label: Jasmine Records

Condition Details:  CDs are in excellent condition with no marks or scratches. Case is also in great shape. Almost perfect CD collection!

1-1. I'm Gone
1-2. Sweethearts
1-3. Baby
1-4. Shirley, Come Back To Me
1-5. Shirley's Back
1-6. So In Love
1-7. The Proposal
1-8. Two Happy People
1-9. Lee Goofed
1-10. Why Did I
1-11. Keep On
1-12. Confessin'
1-13. When The Sun Goes Down
1-14. Tryin' To Fool Me
1-15. Come Over
1-16. Takes Money
1-17. Feel So Good
1-18. You'd Be Thinking Of Me
1-19. Lee's Dream
1-20. I'll Do It
1-21. That's What I'll Do
1-22. A Little Word
1-23. Let The Good Times Roll
1-24. Do You Mean To Hurt Me So
1-25. I Feel Good
1-26. Now That It's Over
1-27. That's What I Wanna To Do
1-28. When I Saw You
1-29. I Want To Dance
1-30. Marry Me
2-1. Rock All Night
2-2. Don't You Know I Love You
2-3. Rockin' With The Clock
2-4. The Flirt
2-5. I'll Thrill You
2-6. Love No One But You
2-7. Everybody's Rockin'
2-8. Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
2-9. Come On And Have Your Fun
2-10. All I Want To Do Is Cry
2-11. When Day Is Done
2-12. True Love
2-13. Like You Used To Do
2-14. I've Been Loved Before
2-15. Let The Good Times Roll
2-16. Keep Loving Me
2-17. Your Love Makes The Difference
2-18. Two Peas In A Pod
2-19. Well-A, Well-A
2-20. Our Kids
2-21. Let's Live It Up
2-22. Girl, You're Married Now
2-23. Behind The Make Up
2-24. Keep The Magic Working
2-25. Hard To Believe
2-26. Call Me A Fool
2-27. The Joker
2-28. Together We Stand (Divided We Fall)
2-29. My Last Letter
2-30. I'm Old Enough
2-31. A Little Thing
2-32. Don't Stop Now

Release Info:
Genre:       Rock, Blues
Style:         Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll
Country:    UK  
Release ID:  13880261

Location:  Blues CD Section - Bill M

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