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We Buy Records

Ready To Sell Your Records

Do you have some records that you would like to sell?  We might just be able to help!  We are always open to purchasing well cared for collections to add to our inventory.

What Do We Buy

We primarily buy vinyl albums and select CD's for most genres including: rock, country,  jazz, blues, soul, funk, children's, bluegrass, western swing, and global (latin, reggae, etc.). These need to be in top condition - no or very minimal scratches on the media with covers or cases in clean condition.

What We Buy In Limited Quantities

We purchase very limited amounts of classical and easy listening generes.  These must be in like new condition and include more popular artists like Van Cliburn, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin as examples. 

What We Do Not Buy

We do not buy 78's and very rarely 45's or cassettes.  We do not buy vinyl albums that are in bad condition with deep or excessive scratches or scuffs or have water damaged, animal chewed or generally ragged covers.  We have to be able to stand behind the quality of all the records we buy and sell.  If you have 78's to sell we suggest you try out of Spring, Texas.

 How Do We Make Offers


We need to review your collection and determine which albums we can buy and which ones we can't.  If you are able to bring your albums to the store, please call us to let us know when you would like to bring them.  We ask that you allow us to take a couple of days to go through your collection so we can make an offer.  If we can get back to you faster, we will sure do that.


If you have a large collection, we can make arrangements with you to come to you to check them out.  We are not really equipped to go too far beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area to buy records - but we can talk to you and see what we can work out if you have a not-to-be-missed collection!

What If You Just Want To Get Rid Of Your Records

If you have a stack of records that are just in the way or have some you need to clean out from a family member and they are not really what we buy, we are happy to take them off your hands and add them to our FREE CART.  It gives them a chance to be picked up by someone else and enjoyed.

How Much Do We Pay

That all depends on the quality of the records and how easily we think we can resell the collection.  Leaving the albums with us allows us take a good look and make a better offer.  For a general collection, in sellable condition, we pay on average around $2 per album; more if the collection is more desirable.


If a collection is particularly rare or popular and in near new condition - with your permission - we will put together an estimate of what we feel we can sell the items for and then make an offer from there. This take a little more time, but we can typically provide higher offers doing this.


Please keep in mind we have to be able to make money on the items we buy and sell, so we cannot offer the same top pricing you might find for your records listed online.  Selling your collection online yourself will always garner higher prices for you - you just have to put in a lot of work to list them, work with buyers and ship them - one by one.  We can make you an offer to sell them all at once.


Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you for considering letting Record Town buy your albums!  We never know what cool things will walk through our doors - that makes our store just that much more fun to shop!