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Our 2022 Record Store Day Drop Titles

Our 2022 Record Store Day Drop Titles

What the heck is Record Store Day Drop?

That's an excellent question!  We just had a MAJOR AWESOME Record Store Day on April 23rd!  So what is up with another one so soon?!?  Well, the supply and distribution of new music has been pretty dicey and the organizers for Record Store Day wanted to be sure that the majority, if not all of the cool titles on the list would actually be available for the celebration.  So -  they established June 18th as a sort of "safety net" date for any titles to hit if they couldn't quite make it for the big April 23rd event.  There were also a number of titles that planned from the get-go to release on June 18th.  So here we are!  Another opportunity to visit your independent record store and pick up some exclusive, limited edition releases for your collection!

Album cover of 2022 RSD Drop - Miles Davis - What It Is: Montreal 7/7/83 part of Record Town

2022 RSD Drop List for Record Town

We have our 2022 Record Store Day Drop titles listed so you can review them - but sorry we can't take preorders or sell them before Saturday, June 18th.  But - we are opening early at 9 am to let you get a jump on your day of collecting!

These titles are marked SOLD OUT - they aren't really - we just marked them that way so we could get them out on our site for you to see but not break the rules and sell them early.  We will have anything that doesn't sell in-store available for sale on our website on Sunday, June 19th!

Come early and grab your favorites!  See y'all then!